Saturday, June 13, 2009


Art and Art Handling.

Hello, I am a working artist who makes a living handling Art. I specialize in installation and de-installation of large scale sculpture and paintings. I have been lucky to have been involved in many great projects for Museums, private clients and artists. Generally, my job is to make the Art work. In installation, I take things out of crates and boxes and place them where they look their best. Presentation is one of the final aesthetic steps of Art. How it is seen provides the opportunity for the objects inherent quality to be displayed and done well: amplified. Tuning to this idea has been a major component of my own personal work, as if Art is a frequency or an instrument, or better, the Artist is the instrument tuning to Art's frequency.

In this project I was asked to design a hanging solution for a set of chimes purchased in the last Art Basil Miami Show. The client had a similar, but much smaller chime, hanging from a tree, but requested a different solution for the much larger piece. After a few design ideas, we settled on this one. It's about 21' tall and 12' wide. It was a difficult install; we had to bring in a small crane
and with the surrounding trees and finished landscape in the way it took hours before we could pour the concrete footers. After the concrete set, we came back and installed the chimes. When the first bit of wind whispered through the the tubes the gong and overtones sang. The song was like an ancient bell calling.

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